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A cigar roller is more than just manufacturers of cigars, CF Dominicana has provided knowledgeable, friendly, good looking upscale cigar roller events now for 16 years and soon to your Big Day. CF Dominicana's unique service Cigar Catering® has been the only cigar brand to bring premium cigars from the store shelves to your event where cigar lovers can enjoy the brand and experience a hidden gem in the cigar culture.

The objective of having cigar rolling demonstrations is to add to a fun experience with a new feature most have not seen before. This personal look into the cigar craft brings new people to sample the imported cigars, much like a wine tasting. Many of your guests will contact us to have the cigars sent to them directly, long after the event date.

Your cigar roller rolls cigars that are imported from the Dominican Republic and not made anywhere in the States. 

The details and care in planning that goes towards your cigar rolling feature along with cigar servers and custom cigar bands are best appreciated by Brides. Cigar Rollers for Wedding receptions continue to grow now for over 16 years since the company has launched. . Click the contact link below to get a quote for your event date and options for other cigar feature entertainment.

CF Dominicana Cigars
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