Cigar Roller Los Angeles

The cigars for the Los Angeles and Southern California events are imported. The same cigars sold in stores by CF Dominicana are rolled by your cigar roller at your event.

Cigars rolled at events are imported unfinished from the Dominican Republic, your cigar roller will roll the finishing touches personally for your guests.


Cigars used for wedding and golf events in Los Angeles

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The Connecticut shade wrapper leaf around Dominican filler makes for a medium two light-bodied taste preferred by most cigar aficionados. These cigars are all available for Los Angeles events and other areas and created right in front of your guests.

The models shown here all have a 50 ring gauge diameter which is preferred and works best especially when coupled with custom cigar bands. The width of the cigar is important as the artwork becomes visible and easily seen even in low-light environments.

The cigars presented at Los Angeles events are broken up into two inventories which are the "ready to smoke" inventory and the cigars that your cigar roller is rolling at the event. The cigars rolled at the event are imported from the Dominican Republic unfinished so that your cigar roller can put the finishing touches on each guest's cigar right in front of their eyes, this makes for the experience you wish to bring to the event.

Other cigar models like the Chelsea which is a Maduro Churchill and the Tribeca Churchill are the number two and number three popular cigars as the Soho Robusto is our number one seller and recommended for most events especially weddings for the burn time of 30 minutes. The mild to medium bodied flavor suits a large guest list perfectly.

Cigar label samples of actual client designsCustom cigar bands for corporate events

Cigar rollers as they appear at cigar roller events