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Cigar feature for events expertly planned for wedding, golf and corporate trade shows in Southern California and Los Angeles

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A Cigar roller visual elevates the entire event and brings an experience for your guests to enjoy.

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Cigar rollers are just one of the fun features that are offered by CF Dominicana events department. The agenda is to get guests to experience the brand in a van environment then, most of those guests become followers of the brand. Cigar rolling demonstrations are popular now due to CF Dominicana cigar catering however only CF Dominicana and David off provide the cigar rolling demonstrations throughout the country with imported cigars in other words, they are the only two brands that provide cigar rolling feature entertainment.

All the cigar rollers look good as presentation is paramount for you and us. The cigar rollers at a contracted with CF Dominicana are exclusive to us and are signed with us for their presentation skills their interaction with guests and not just rolling cigars.

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When you send us the details of your event we will provide you with a quote usually within 30 minutes with one of our CF Dominicana cigar rollers. We will create a suggested quote which you can revise to your liking. This flexibility works great for weddings and golf outings wear your guest list may not be realized until soon before the event.

The quality of the cigars that your roller is creating are started in the fabrica in the Dominicana Republic and then, brought to your event for your cigar roller to complete each cigar in from of your guests. The makes for a flair that heightens the affair and leaves all with a lasting memory of the experience for months after the night is over.

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Cigar rollers as they appear at cigar roller events