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Celebrity cigar roller events and our trademarked Cigar Catering® has made friends with not only cigar aficionados but major event planners, weddings and Brides, and virtually every entertainment and sports industry insiders. CF Dominicana Cigars dedication to Old World tradition combined with Modern Day innovation has made this premium brand famous with cigar lovers in every city and is continuing to generate quality media and press attention throughout the US.

The great care in the quality of your cigars, the professional planning of your special event, the attention to design in your own personalized, initialized custom cigar bands all makes CF Dominicana the only fresh, newsworthy brand in a cigar industry that's grown far too conventional.

Cigar Servers


Cigar Rollers

The Green
The Green Magazine

Hand to Hand Hysteria

Smoke Magazine
Smoke Magazine

Chicks With Sticks

Modern Bride
Modern Bride

Roll Call

Cigar Magazine
Cigar Magazine

Cigar Rollers

Cigar Catering® Services
for Special Events


CF Dominicana Cigar Co.
Launches Wholesale Division

Inside Weddings
Inside Weddings

On A Roll

Smoke Magazine
Smoke Magazine

Only In Vegas

Stuff Magazine
Stuff Magazine

Best Way To ...

Crains NY Business

Smokes Spreading ....

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Chicago Tribune

Cigar Roller
Gets Party, well, rolling


Smokin' new
Party Favor

Boston Herald

Cigar Company on a roll with
classy catering service

US Airways
US Airways

Get the Party Rolling

Northshore Magazine
Northshore Magazine

Wedding Parties

Tradeshow Executive
Tradeshow Executive

Cigar Catering® ...


Cigar Catering® 101

Cigar Cyclopedia

No Need To Roll Your Own
Any More At Parties



Cigar Advisor

Who needs a cigar bar?
Just have a party!

Cigar Weekly

"Cigar Servers"


Leaf of Leisure

The Brooklyn Bride

High Rollers

Desert Living
Desert Living

Smoke Up

Northshore Magazine
Meetings & Conventions

Pass the Stogies, Please

Now Playing Magazine
Now Playing Magazine

Roll Playing ...

Event Solutions
Event Solutions Mag.

Can I Offer You A Cigar?

American Venture Magazine

CF Dominicana Cigars' most attractive addition: 'Cigar Servers'

Canoe Network


The Post-Standard

Check it Out! They'll
cater your cigar party

KOLD News 13

Keep Media

Cigar Rollers and
Cigar Catering®

Yahoo Finance

CF Dominicana Cigar Co. Offers
Free Custom Cigar Bands


CF Dominicana Launches
New Wholesale Division


CF Dominicana Cigars offering free custom cigar bands

PR Newswire

Cigar Rollers, 'Cigar Catering®'
Launches Nationally ...


Cigar roller gets party,
well, rolling

Roll Your Own

Review of the
CF Dominicana Soho Cigar